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Professional Tree Service in Minneapolis, MN

Tree Trimming Services is a progressive tree service company committed to high quality commercial and residential tree work. All of our staff are fully trained to professional standards and use the latest equipment. The growth and success of the business has resulted from our expertise and commitment to customer service and professional standards. We place strong emphasis on achieving:

An excellent reputation in Minneapolis, MN

We train our staff in Public Relations, encompassing:

  • Respecting our clients' property and the public land
  • Working with our clients to achieve their tree service requirements while complying with Australian Standards and legislation.
  • Maintaining a safe work site at all times
  • Providing the latest information on tree service issues to our clients and the general public.

Professional work in Minneapolis, MN

We are committed to achieving the highest level of professional standards in the industry. We employ fully qualified and experienced staff who have worked on equivalent projects. We are also devoted to acquiring talented staff who, through intensive training, achieve high standards within the industry. We constantly manage and supervise their work, emphasizing:

  • Optimizing the aesthetics of the finished job while applying up to date theoretical arboricultural knowledge
  • Maintaining a strong commitment to the company's certified Quality, Environmental management systems and ensuring that these standards are being achieved at all times
  • All our staff have individual training programs to help develop their skills.

we work for you!

Tree Trimming Services is the tree service company you can count on to provide professional tree services at affordable prices. We service all types of trees and perform the following services on trees.

  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Trimming
  • Stump Removal
  • Tree Maintenance